ICRI- El Nuevo Mundo faculty is widely experienced, and offers a combination of deep familiarity with childhood education and excellent parent communication skills. Each member of the faculty has extensive knowledge of curriculum planning and program development, and is well versed in contemporary approaches to children's growth and development. Every teacher respects the uniqueness and individuality of each child, and takes great joy in helping each child to thrive.

ICRI- El Nuevo Mundo teachers guide children's development by means of the environment they create, the information they provide, the questions they ask, the planning they do and the behavior they model. The faculty uses their skills in planning and curriculum development to provide a framework within which each child can explore and succeed. They also utilize their powers of observation, gained through long experience as teachers, to document children's success. They team with parents to help children to see for themselves the possibilities of a creative, inspiring and caring world.

Additionally, ICRI- El Nuevo Mundo teachers embody a wide array of qualities that significantly contribute to the excellence of ICRI- El Nuevo Mundo programs. They are life-long learners, always continuing their educational experience. They are respectful, patient, consistent, and flexible in all areas of their practice. They have their eyes open, always on the lookout for teachable moments to fully exemplify the emergent curriculum philosophy. They always come to school with a positive attitude, ready to have fun and get dirty with the children. Through all these qualities and more, teacher facilitate the magic and learning that occurs daily at El Nuevo Mundo.