The curriculum at El Nuevo Mundo is designed to promote learning through play-oriented activities, and promote cognitive and language development.  The activities focus on the children’s need to explore, to learn, to grow, to create, to communicate, and to enjoy.

The program is designed to promote a positive self-esteem, enhance feelings of respect for cultural diversity, and enrich the language skill of bilingual children, while acquiring and strengthening a second language.

Our approach toward discipline is that of guiding children’s behavior and learning through the use of positive techniques.

ICRI El Nuevo Mundo strongly believes in the strength of “family” and the versatility it is comprised of.  Family support systems are encouraged and sought to meet the special needs of the family and its members.  The family is looked upon as a unit and the child as a vital part of that unit; at ICRI El Nuevo Mundo, we provide a positive experience for the child, wherein the family is considered, respected, and valued.

The goals of providing positive, early experiences are accomplished through a unique bilingual environment.  Opportunities for success are nurtured, while developing physical, language, socio-emotional, and cognitive growth.

ICRI El Nuevo Mundo is concerned with the total world of our children; their feelings, minds, bodies and ability to get along with others.  Our bilingual pre-school program meets the needs of young children by providing them with a stimulating and secure environment.  We provide an environment to feel good about themselves, to talk with each other, to explore what is around them and increase their knowledge.