We strive to help your child achieve many goals throughout their years at ICRI- El Nuevo Mundo and we work with parents to reinforce progress. Some goals are often accomplished during their first year at Hearts Leap, while others become a focus later in their preschool career.

Our first goal is always to have fun and enjoy learning in a safe and friendly environment!

Cognitive Goals

  • To show interest in their surrounding environment, classroom, neighborhood, etc.
  • To focus on and follow through with a task
  • To learn problem-solving skills and decision-making strategies
  • To explore personal creativity and self-expression
  • To develop numeracy and literacy skills
  • To become curious and excited to learn new things

Social/Emotional Goals

  • To develop empathy and understanding of others' feelings
  • To respond appropriately to peers' and adults' body language and facial expressions
  • To learn how to participate and cooperate within both large and small groups
  • To show respect, kindness and understanding towards others
  • To understand and accept classroom limits
  • To become increasingly self-sufficient and independent
  • To develop a strong and positive self-image and self-awareness
  • To develop confidence in social interactions with other children
  • To develop emotional awareness and appropriate coping strategies
  • To develop negotiation skills
  • To create positive relationships with peers and adults
  • To develop patience and self-control

Physical Goals

  • To continue to develop large muscle coordination, control and strength through activities such as yoga, gymnastics, and yard play (running, climbing, digging, jumping, etc.)
  • To increase endurance and strength
  • To develop and improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through activities such as puzzles, painting, drawing, cutting, lacing, beading, etc.

Language Goals

  • To use language to resolve conflict
  • To use language to express needs, opinions and ideas
  • To understand and follow multi-step directions/tasks
  • To use pretend-play, conversation, reading books and communal eating times to encourage children to use their imagination and promote discussion
  • To build vocabulary through the study of various topics
  • To promote letter and letter sound recognition


ICRI- El Nuevo Mundo offers high quality programs targeted to the specific developmental needs of three, four, and five-year-old’s. ICRI- El Nuevo Mundo School on College Ave also offers a Bridge-K program designed using comprehensive curriculum and individual learning plans to insure school readiness. All programs use play-based emergent curriculum methods to explore Language, Art, Science, Music, Social Studies, Mathematics and Physical tasks. The curriculum will include regular field trips and local outings and are four or five days a week with several options for pick-up and drop-off times.


Three to four year-old Programs - Conejitos “A” and “B” - 3 teachers, 22 Children

Four to Five year-old Programs – Venaditos “A”, “B” and “C” - 2 teachers, 16 Children


ICRI El Nuevo Mundo operates between 7:30 AM and 5:30PM (children should be picked up by 5:15 PM)